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Study Cards on area, aragon, wines

Which are the 3 wine regions in the west of Aragon near the city of Zaragoza? Which other region is located more north east, close to Catalunya?
  1. Cariñena
  2. Campo de Borja
  3. Calatayud
North east: 4. Somontano
How would you describe the wines of the 3 regions to the west of Aragon? And what moderates the hot continental climate?
In Cariñena, Campo de Borja and Calatayud they make:

  • Red wines from old vine Garnacha, bush vines
  • medium to full bodied
  • ripe red and black fruits
  • High alcohol
  • high volume and inexpensive

The climate is moderated by:
  • Altitude: high plateau and slopes; 500-800m, high diurnal range that retains acidity
  • Ciero: a cold wind from the north, slows ripening
  • Hardly diseases due to lack of rain and rocky free draining soils.
The 4th region of Aragon is located at the foot of the Pyrenees, which is this? How's the climate and style of wines? What is the largest producer in the area?
  • Somontano
  • Warm continental but with more rainfall than the other 3 regions (C's)
  • Altitude gives diurnal range 350-650m
  • Cold breezes from the Pyrenees
  • Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, and unusual Gewurztraminer!

Viñas del Vero is largest owned by Gonzalez Byass.
What is the history of Somontano?
Somontano is something of an oddity. It is an old area but its present character dates more or less entirely from the 1980s and it is sometimes referred to as “Spain’s New World”. It owes nothing to the nearby areas of Navarra and Costers del Segre.
The area was for all practical purposes virgin territory. Young winemakers with ample capital and all the latest equipment poured in, creating superb modern bodegas. They also brought with them foreign vines which took on new personalities in the different environment.
It is a relatively small area: around 4,300 ha.
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