Tokaj - Winemaking and Wine Styles

4 important questions on Tokaj - Winemaking and Wine Styles

What does Aszú mean and give a short description on how the wines are made in Tokaj? Which price range?

  • Ausbruch, word for grapes infected by botrytis and shrivelled on the vine
  • Juice in the Aszú grape so concentrated that sugars and flavours cannot be extracted by pressing, therefore macerated in
    • must
    • fermenting must or
    • base wine
  • Classic Aszú: amber colour, high acidity, l/m alcohol, orange peel, apricot and honey.
  • Super-premium priced

What is required for a Late harvest in Tokaj?

  • No maceration
  • Low portion of Aszú grapes - botrytized grapes
  • lighter body and less concentrated than Aszú
  • legal minimum is 45g/l rs (most 90-110 g/l)
  • mostly unoaked
  • released pretty early; between 12-16 months after harvest.

Szamorodni as made in Tokaj, differs from a late harvest. Which are the styles produced?

Polish "as it comes"
Whole bunches, with varying grape stages
Sweet and dry; Edes and Szaraz

Sweet most common: min 45 g/l rs (90-110 most)
Law 2016: must age in oak for 6 months!
Bottled in traditional Aszú bottle of 500ml

Szaras: with film of flor but thinner than in Sherry production. Type vin Jaune; 10 years protection without topping up; not oxidative, nutty and green apple aromas.

Dry wines have tripled in Tokaj in the last five years. Different approaches than for sweet wines apply. Which are these?

  • New vineyards, higher and windier sites
  • Open canopies, vine treatment against rot
  • Stainless steel
  • Terroir expression, single vineyard (dülo)
  • Mostly Furmint but also blends
  • PDO = min 85% of the single varietal

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