California - Central Coast

5 important questions on California - Central Coast

Central Coast AVA in California

  • Coastline 280 miles from San Franciso down to Santa Barbara
  • 60 miles inland
  • cooled by Pacific Ocean air funneling through gaps in coastal hills

Livermore Valley AVA in California

  • Most northerly of Central Coast AVA
  • One of the oldest wine regions of USA
    • Wente > Chardonnay cuttings from Meursault
    • Concannon > Cabernet Sauvignon from Margaux
  • During prohibition producing sacramental wine
  • Stony, free-draining soils > help keep vigour low

Two northerly AVAs in Central Coast AVA

  • Livermore Valley AVA
  • Santa Cruz Mountains AVA

2 AVAs in Monterey County, Central Coast AVA

  • Monterey AVA
    • biggest
    • deep canyon in Monterey Bay > very cool water > cool and windy afternoons
    • > Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
  • Carmel Valley AVA

Paso Robles AVA in California's Central Coast AVA

  • Till 2014 the largest undivided AVA in California
  • Now 11 sub-AVAs
    • Adelaida District AVA best known
  • large AVA > terroirs differ > flat and hills up to 670m
  • cooler to the ocean than inland > style of wine differs
    • acidity, alcohol, body, (fresh) flavours etc.
  • speciality: calcareous soils.
  • dry farming possible where soil texture is clay and annual rainfall is moderate
  • mainly black varieties
    • Cabernet Sauvignon 40%
    • Merlot - Syrah - Zinfandel - Rhône varieties
  • most wines inexpensive - mid-priced - good quality
  • number of producers ver good/oustanding - mid/premium prices
  • significant producers:
    • Saxum Vineyards
    • Tablas Creek

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