Washington State - Wine Regions

3 important questions on Washington State - Wine Regions

Pest/diseases in Columbia Valley AVA, Washington State

  • Sandy soils > low phylloxera risk
  • arid conditions > low disease and pest pressure
  • main hazards:
    • frost and winter freeze
      • vineyards on slopes less risk due to drainage of cold air

Sub-AVAs of Columbia Valley AVA, Washington State

  • Yakima Valley AVA
    • oldest AVA
    • 1/3 of state's production
    • three sub-AVAs
      • Red Mountain AVA
      • Rattlesnake Hillls AVA
      • Snipes Mountain AVA
  • Horse Heaven Hills AVA
  • Wahluke Slope AVA
  • Walla Walla Valley AVA
    • fastest growing AVA
    • half in Washington, half in Oregon
    • no cool air to drain properly > risk of spring and autumn frosts
  • Columbia Gorge AVA

Which AVA in Washington State west of the Cascade Range

Puget Sound AVA

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