Varieties, denominations and winemaking - Nebbiolo denominations - Barolo DOCG

5 important questions on Varieties, denominations and winemaking - Nebbiolo denominations - Barolo DOCG

Describe the size, location and growing environment of Barolo DOCG

  • South west of Alba
  • Barolo village and a number of villages
  • 2000 ha
  • Wine of kings, the king of wines
  • South, south-west facing slopes
  • Cooler and higher vs Barbaresco
  • 200-400m above sea level;
    • good sunlight interception
    • cooling influences
    • long growing season; high intensity, high acidity

What are the legislations for Barolo DOCG?

  • Yields 56hl/ha
  • Ageing for min 38 months after the harvest, incl 18 months of oak (1 year in bottle)
  • Barolo DOCG Riserva; 62 months and min 18 months oak.
  • Adding to costs
  • 100% Nebbiolo

The soils of Barolo DOCG are complex, what are the contrast between them?

Barolo has 2 valleys;

1) Serralunga valley:
  • South and east villages
  • Sand and clay, less fertile soil
  • More austere, powerful wines
  • Need min. 12 years ageing, very closed and tannic
  • Key communes; Castiglione, Monforte d'Alba, Serralunga d'Alba

2) Central valley:
  • North and west
  • Blue-grey, calcareous marl
  • Less tannic, less ageing, lighter, more aromatic.
  • Key communes; La Morra (1/3 of production Barolo).

What style of wines can be found in Barolo?

  • Most producers are proud of their blends
  • Some make single vineyard Barolo and Barbaresco; Gaja and Bruno Giacosa

What does MGA stands for within the rules of DOCG Barolo?

  • Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive
  • Since 2010, official subzone indication
  • Vigna on the label
  • Single vineyard name for:
    • Entire villages
    • specified SV
    • a number of specified vineyards, made into one single MGA

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