Beaujolais - Wine Business

4 important questions on Beaujolais - Wine Business

Name some facts of the Wine Business in Beaujolais; property size, export market, trading market, large producers.

  • Average size is 10 ha
  • Growers selling to coops (25% of sales) or négociants (George Duboeuf).
  • 40% export; top three - Japan, USA and UK (60% of total).
  • 60% domestic; direct sales, wines shops, retail, hospitality

Are co-operatives and négociants important in Beaujolais

Yes, with average holdings of 10 ha growers sell to co-ops and négos > 25% of sales

How Cru's of the Beaujolais become more popular

  • rise of the prices Burgundian Pinot Noir
    • Beaujolais similar style for lower prices
  • sommeliers and winelovers discover the quality

Beaujolais producer who is big promoter Beaujolais Nouvea

The négociant George Duboeuf (since 1964)

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