Study Cards on blanc, wines, austria

Only 4 of the 9 federal states of Austria produce significant viticulture, which 4 are these?
  1. Niederösterreich
  2. Burgenland
  3. Steiermark
  4. Vienna
Where is Steiermark in Austria, what style of wines are produced? Which DACs are used?
  • South-east of Austria, near border of Slovenia
  • On steep hills having terraces
  • Issues: winter freeze, spring frost, hail - > netting needed
  • Vulcanic soils
  • Dry white wines, high acidity due to large diurnal range.
  • Sauvignon blanc, morillon, welschriesling, traminer, blauer wildbacher
  • DAC for its sub-regions:
    • DAC Vulkanland Steiermark; mainly white from gewurztraminer and welschriesling
    • DAC Südsteiermark; mainly Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc plus some Welschriesling
    • DAC Weststeiermark; making mainly Schilcher, a dark rosé from Blauer Wildbacher
  • Sauvignon blanc, must be the focus of the village and single-vineyard wines (Riederweine)
Wien/Vienna, has one DAC, which is it? What other specials does this region have?
  • Around the capital; most locally sold -> sturm, heurige
  • DAC Wiener Gemischter Satz, must be a (field) blend. 20 varieties permitted.
    • Must be dry and unoaked
    • white wine
    • medium to high acidity, light body
    • acceptable to very good
    • entry level to premium priced
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