Study Cards on canada, system, harvest

Why is canopy management crucial in humid areas around lakes in Canada?
The canopy needs to be as open as possible to improve air flow and reduce the riks of fungal diseases such as mildew and botrytis
What is the most coming training system used in Canada?
VSP flat cane pruning or Guyot is the most coming training system that is used in Canada
What other training system are winemakers experimenting with in Canada?
  • Geneva double curtain
  • Scott Henry
  • Lyre
What irrigation system is used in Canada?
Drip irrigation
Why do you have vintage variation in Canada?
The weather during harvest can be unpredictable with rain and autumn frosts.
When is the growing season in Canada?
Budbreak might be as late as May with harvest starting in late August, the harvest can continue in November and then in February for Icewine.
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