Study Cards on chardonnay, fruit, white

What is Australia's most planted classic white variety. Where is it found?
  • Chardonnay, 3rd in ranking (after Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon),
  • 21.000ha, more than half of white wine production
  • Found in almost every region
  • Versatile variety
Chardonnay is Australia's most planted white variety. What are the different styles, prices and quality?
3 styles:
  • Sparkling
  • Inexpensive / unoaked: leaner style, tank-fermented, with little oak influences (chips, staves, re-used barrels).
  • High quality/ oaked: ripe fruit, m(+) acidity, well integrated oak. Complexity, balance and texture from:
    • Ambient yeasts
    • High solids in fermentation
    • Barrel fermentation
    • Lees ageing
    • Barrel maturation typically in French oak
  • MLF depends on the climate. In warmer areas often blocked.
  • Chardonnay is blended with Semillon and gives ripe fruit flavours in the blend.
  • Typical flavours: nuts, stone fruit, citrus
Even though Chardonnay is grown 'everywhere'. What are the key or top regions where Chardonnay is grown in Australia?
  • Adelaide Hills - cool climate
  • Hunter Valley - warm climate, elegant
  • Margaret River - world class, age worthy
  • Tasmania - dry and delicate
  • Mornington Peninsula - influenced by the Southern Ocean delicate unoaked to medium bodied and rich
  • Yarra Valley - elegant, high acidity, age worthy
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