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Study Cards on grapes, vines, beaujolais

What training and trellising system do they use in Beaujolais?

  • Bush/Gobelet low training to prevent vines from Mistral wind
  • Except some vineyards in the east and south which are trellised and single guyot pruned to make inexpensive wines and aid mechanisation.
Gamay is a productive grape and yields need to be controlled for it to produce concentrated ripe grapes what can be done to reduce yields?
Short prunning helps to restrain the high fertility of the Gamay grapes
How are the grapes harvested in Beaujolais?
Most of the Gamay grapes are picked by hand, because the whole bunches are required

Where possible vines  are trained on trellises to aid mechanisation where the aim is to make inexpensive grapes
Terra Vitis association
Lively interest in sustainable and organic viticulture. The Terra Vitis association was founded in the Beaujolais
Describe the density of vines in Beaujolais

High density (9000>13000 vines/ha).
Max yields 64 hl/ha (Beaujolais and Beaujolais-Villages), 58 hl/ha (Crus).
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