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Beside the common varieties, in which three grape varieties is Friuli specialised?

  1. Friulano
  2. Ribolla Gialla
  3. Refosco

Ribolla Gialla is only grown in two sites in Friuli, which ones and what are the characteristics and styles of wine produced?

  • This white variety is only grown in Collio and Colli Orientali, as it needs hillside sites to prevent it growing too vigorously.
  • It is prone to shot berries.
  • The wines have citrus and pepper notes and high acidity.
  • Many styles are being experimented with as the profile of the variety has grown:
    • oak-aged or not,
    • Charmat sparkling wine,
    • dry and off-dry,
    • extended skin
    • contact for orange wines,
    • amphora wines.

What is the most planted red variety of Friuli, name the characteristics? And the most planted red international?

  • Local -> Refosco: vigorous, need hillsides for lower fertility, late ripening and resistant to rot. Red cherry and herbs, high tannins therefore oak ageing is best.
  • International -> Merlot

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