Spain - Valencia and Murcia

3 important questions on Spain - Valencia and Murcia

What is most planted in Utiel Requina, in Valencia?

  • 15% black, 70% Bobal, with many over 40 years old.
  • Vigorous, ripens evenly, high yields, high colour, high acidity; originally best known for rosés. Now red: blackberry, black cherry chocolate. Old vine and oak ageing.

What is the main grape of DO Alicante? In which other regions in Spain is it also planted?

  • Monastrell; well suited to hot dry climate
  • In DO Alicante, DO Jumilla (Murcia) and DO Yecla (between Jumilla and Alicante)

How big is DO Jumilla, where is it located and what is the main grape variety and style of wines?

  • 25.000ha / Monastrell 80%
  • Located in Murcia in Alicante; flat plains, wide alleys.
  • Full bodied wines, high alcohol and ripe blackberry/cherry, spice from oak.

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