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The key aim of a producer of Saint-Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classe

Style of wine = tasting note

Vineyard management in high humidity surroundings

  • high humidity > fungal diseases
    • spraying - leaf removal (air circulation around the grapes) - sorting grapes in vineyard or winery

Local varieties are increasingly being sought out by highly engaged wine consumers. With reference to the following grape varieties, describe the style of the wines produced from the following varieties.

  1. Monastrell in Jumilla -  Mouvedre herbal spical oak high in alcohol as of 14%
  2. Montepulciano in Abruzzo
  3. Assyrtiko in Santorini Deep gold colour. Medium intense nose of
  1. fresh citrus and stone fruit with a flint stone yellow fruits. Dry, high acidity, medium + alcohol, medium bodied, medium - finish. Sweet finish. Suitable for bottle ageing.

  1. Welschriesling BA and TBA from Lake Neusiedl 

Advantage of warm summers followed by cooler autumns for ripening of the grapes

  • Sugar accumulates rapidly in the grapes during the summer
  • Cooler autumn temperatures allow flavours and tannins to develop as sugar accumulation slows. 

Describe the growing environments in Canada's appellations and explain how they influence the style of wines made in each appellation.

Canada has two most important regions. British Columbia and Otaro.
The most important influence on the regions are the lakes where the vineyards are situated.

Lake Erie
Lake Otaro

Factors that effect the style and quality of wines made of Shiraz in Barossa valley

First write about the grape variety - climate - potential for outstanding quality. The right aspects - water

What does it mean for the quality
Very good to outstanding classic wine growing region
Cote Rotie and Crozes Hermitage.
High tannin levels - long ageing . High acidity long ageing
May blend a bid  of Viognier.

Steep slopes - granite continental climate good sites slopes
mistral damage dry up after rainfal - low yields lots of concentration.


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