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What is the climate of Tuscany? Which hazards does it have?
  • Warm Mediterranean with adequate rainfall
  • Altitude in the inland areas is an important cooling influence.
  • Most of the rain falls in autumn and winter.
  • Inland, summers can be hot and winters cold.

The climate hazards are:
  • Occasional spring frost, hail, and rain during the harvest period.
  • Summer drought and prolonged high temperatures (leading to the cessation of photosynthesis and therefore incomplete ripening of skins and seeds) can be hazards in some years.
What are the characteristics of Sangiovese in Tuscany and Italy?
  • Dominant black variety of Tuscany
  • Most planted in Italy - 10%
  • Typically medium intensity Ruby
  • Red cherry, red plum and herbal notes
  • Medium to full body
  • High acidity, High tannins.
What was the aim of the Chianti classico 2000 project?
  • The aims were smaller berries, thicker skins, and more open bunches to produce wines with deeper colour, more flavour intensity and greater disease resistance.
  • The project produced seven clones that have been widely planted.
Describe the grape variety Trebbiano Toscano
  • Ugni Blanc in France, for Brandy
  • Declining in popularity; lacks fruit, low flavour intensity, more demand for red wines
  • Late budding, vigorous and high yielding
  • Ripens well in sunshine and heat
  • High acidity: important for sweet Vin Santo blend.
What are the blending partners of Sangiovese? Mention local and international varieties?
  • Local: Canaiolo Nero
  • International: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah
What was the most popular variety in Chianti before the 19th Century? What does it supply in a blend?
  • Canaiolo Nero
  • Promotes Red berries, floral aromas, light tannins
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