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Study Cards on languedoc, quality, wines

When did and how did grape growing and winemaking became very popular in Languedoc?
  • 17th Century: The building of the Canal du Midi in the late 17th century, connecting it to Bordeaux, enabling wines to be efficiently transported to export markets and Paris.
  • 19th Century: railways
Languedoc seems to have the lowest yields of all French regions, even half of that of ...
Champagne or Alsace
Which style of wine is made in Languedoc
  • Inexpensive, fruity, easy to drink wine
    • stainless steel
    • cultured yeast
    • crushing and fermenting on skins 5-7 days > limits extraction of tannins
    • stored in ss or contrete tanks
    • hold 2-3 years
    • carbonic maceration commonly employed
  • High quality, small volume production
    • sorting tables
    • fermentation warm temperatures
    • ambient yeast
    • barriques for maturation
    • barrel and bottle maturation
What are the two/three main approaches for red wines in Languedoc?
  1. Carbonic maceration for early drinking:
    1. fruity, early drinking
    2. whole bunch, primary flavors and colour purple
    3. stainless steel, concrete
    4. mid range fermentation
    5. cultured yeast
    6. low tannins, deep colour
  2. High quality and ageable wines are also made this way:
    • crushing grapes
    • 5-7 days skin contact, limiting tannin extraction
    • mid range fermentation
    • for early drinking
  3. High quality, small volume production
    • Sorting tables
    • ambient yeast
    • barriques for maturation adding to cost
    • also concrete tanks, eggs and large oak
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