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Main varieties in the Provence are red, what is the main white?
Red: GSCC + cabernet sauvignon
White: Vermentino aka Rolle
What is the Climate in Provence?
  • Warm Mediterranean, with
  • adequate rainfall
  • cold Mistral wind
    • cooling influence
    • reduces fungal diseases, but can interrupt flowering and fruit set
    • best sites are sheltered from the Mistral
  • Also good sites at 400m above see, inland, moderating influence
  • relatively lot of organic vineyards
Describe Vineyard management in Provence
  • Bush vines traditionally
    • +shade
  • replaced by trellised vines
    • + canopy management easier
    • + achieve ripeness (sugar, skin, seeds at same time)
    • + inter-row acces > machines
  • Grapes for rosé picked earlier than for red> retain acidity
  • appropriate harvest date = critical, since tannins should also be ripe to avoid bitterness.
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