Greece - Principal Wine Regions - Macedonia

3 important questions on Greece - Principal Wine Regions - Macedonia

Describe the region of Macedonia in Greece.

  • North border; large on mainland
  • Mountains; continental, altitude, relatively cool
  • Plains; warm, mediterranen, drier (in rain shadow), fertile soils and higher volumes.

What are the facts on PDO Naoussa in Northern Greece (Macedonia)?

  • Vineyard area about 680 hectare
  • On the south-eastern slopes of Mount Vermio on altitudes of 150 - 400 m
  • Climate is cooler than the surrounding area
  • Only still red wine accepted in the PDO (outside also rosé)
  • Grape variety 100 % Xinomavro -> wines high acidity and tannins with complex, herbal notes
  • min. 1 year maturation in oak barrels -> traditionally large old barrels, growing usage of barriques
  • ageing potential
  • Cru system in discussion

Where is PDO Amynteo?

  • In Greece, Macedonia.
  • North-west of Mount Vermio
  • Higher than Naoussa -> more exposed to cold.
  • Close to lakes that moderate the cold.
    • higher humidity (rot)
    • More fertile soils (control yields)
    • 100% Xinomavro in PDO, incl. Rosé
    • Floral is distinctive

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