Germany - Principal Wine Regions - Pfalz

6 important questions on Germany - Principal Wine Regions - Pfalz

The Pfalz wine region in Germany has an unusual location. Where is it and what is unusual?

  • In the south of Germany between the Haardt Mountains to the west and the Rhine plain to the east.
  • It is NOT centred along a river
  • Haardt (continuation of the Vosges) provides a rain shadow and protects from winds, therefore Pfalz is the driest German wine producing region.
  • The south- or east-facing steeply slopes gain maximum sunshine.
  • Drought can be a concern!

Describe the growing environment of the Pfalz in Germany. And what is known about the plantings?

  • Slightly smaller than Rheinhessen in production
  • 65% of plantings is white
  • Riesling around 25% of plantings. Rest MT, Graub and Weissb.
  • Dornfelder most planted black, 2nd Spätburgunder.

Which style of wines are produced in Pfalz Germany and what are the two main reasons?

  • Due to the warmer climate it produces wines with a fuller body and riper fruit flavours.
  • Pinot grapes are common since it had periods of both French and German rule, like Alsace.

Where is the Mittelhaardt located in Germany?

  • Mittelhaardt is a renowned vineyard area within Pfalz.
  • It is located around Bad Dürkheim, Wachenheim, Forst, Deidesheim and Ruppertsberg in the northern part of Pfalz.

Describe the soils of the Pfalz region in Germany

  • A wide variety; limestone, sandstone, basalt and clay
  • giving wines with different characteristics
  • Südliche Weinstrasse (south); more fertile sandstone soils, good for inexpensive wine production.

Name two significant producers from the Pfalz, Germany

  • Dr Bürklin-Wolf
  • Cooperative Winzerverein Deidesheim
  • (Weingut Stern)

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