Study Cards on piemonte, barbaresco, traditional

What are the top 6 grape varieties of Piemonte in North-West Italy?
  1. Barbera - the most popular variety
  2. Moscato Bianco (for sparkling)
  3. Dolcetto (white)
  4. Nebbiolo
  5. Cortese
  6. Brachetto (for sparkling)

It also grows Arneis (white)
Describe the climate of Piemonte, what is protecting the region and which threats does it have?
  • Moderate continental climate; cold winters, hot summers
  • Protected from cold northern winds and excessive rainfall by Alps
  • Protected from weather influences from the Mediterranean by the Apennines
  • Threats:
    • hail, thunderstorm and fog.
    • Late frost
    • rainfall increases in Sept/Oct -> nebbiolo is a late harvest variety -> rot
Why are Barolo and Barbaresco popular for export?
  • As an alternative for top quality Bordeaux and Burgundy
  • Nebbiolo for its high acidity, tannins and capacity to develop tertiary flavours in the bottle
  • Export; 85 and 75% respectively (USA, Germany, UK, Scandinavia)
Name some famous key Piemonte producers
  • Mascarello; Barolo traditional style, Monprivato is top wine, 12ha
  • Guiseppe Rinaldi 'citrico'; traditional style Barolo
  • Gaja; Langhe/Barbaresco 100ha, modernised Piemonte winemaking:
    • controlled temperature fermentation
    • MLF
    • New oak
    • International varieties
    • Flagship; DOCG Gaja Barbaresco; 14 zones, 100% nebbiolo (like Ch. Lafite)
    • Also owns vineyards in Brunello di Montalcino and Bolgheri
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