North-East Italy - Veneto - The growing environment and grape growing

4 important questions on North-East Italy - Veneto - The growing environment and grape growing

The climate in Veneto is moderate, warm continental. What are the cooling influences in the area's climate? What does it influence?

  1. Altitude
  2. Breezes from Lake Garda
  3. River Po
  4. River Adige
  5. Adriatic sea in the east
  6. Alps in the north protect the valleys

  • Altitude: large diurnal range in the vineyards in the foothills
  • Lake Garda: cools the vineyards in the west
  • Rivers: in the plains it gives moist and fog -> spraying needed, Esca threat and rot.

Qualities in Valpolicella and Soave vary, how come?

  • DOCs extend to the plains. These plains are very fertile and produce high yields.
  • Vineyards on the hillside sites produce better quality; better drainage, less rich soils.
  • qualities are good to outstanding

Beside the dominance of the grape Glera, used for Prosecco in Veneto, which other notable varieties are planted in Veneto?

  • Merlot, into inexpensive wines for local market
  • Garganega (w)
  • Corvina (r)
  • Pinot Gris
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Trebbiano (w)

What is the style of the IGP Veneto wines?

Often simple and fruity, inexpensive, high volumes, from the flat fertile plains.

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