Germany - Principal Wine Regions - Rheinhessen

5 important questions on Germany - Principal Wine Regions - Rheinhessen

Rheinhessen is the largest wine producing region of Germany. How much does it produce and what kind of wines?

  • Plantings are just under a quarter of German vineyards.
  • High volumes i.e. Liebfraumilch (from Worms)
  • 71% is white grapes; Riesling most planted, 2nd Müller Thurgau.
  • Dornfelder is the leading black.
  • Inexpensive blends

What is special of the growing environment of the Rheinterrasse in Rheinhessen Germany? And what style of wines are produced?

  • The longest established high quality producing area.
  • A stretch of steeply-sloping vineyards on the west bank of the Rhine river around Nierstein and Oppenheim.
  • East facing aspect; morning sun
  • Rhine moderates the temperatures; extending the ripening period.
  • Rieslings show ripe lemon and peach flavours.

Name two significant producers in Rheinhessen, Germany.

  • Weingut Gunderloch on the Rheinterrasse
  • Weingut Keller close to Worms

What is unique about Rheinhessen related to its growing environment? What is the impact on the style of wines produced?

  • It is relatively warm and dry due to shelter by mountains Hunsrück and Taunus.
  • Soils are warm and fertile
  • Gives high yields for inexpensive wines

Within the Rheinterrasse in Germany is a special strip of vineyards. What is its name, where is it and what is so special about it?

  • The Roter Hang;
  • Around Nierstein and Nackenheim
  • it has Rotliegenden soil; iron-rich red soil consisting of slate, clay and sandstone
  • Gives Rieslings with smoky characteristics.

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