Rioja - Rioja DOCa - Winemaking red Wines

4 important questions on Rioja - Rioja DOCa - Winemaking red Wines

Rioja makes a variety of styles of red wine, how?

  1. Through blending different varieties
  2. selection of vineyard areas
  3. use of different winemaking techniques; extraction and maturation

What is set in the regulations of the Rioja Consejo regulador?

  • Ageing regulations from Crianza and up - have impact on the style
  • Only 225L barriques can be used
  • NOT regulated: viticulture and vinification practices.

What are Vinos de Autor in Rioja?

In the 1990s Premium wines were made without an ageing category;
  • low yield parcels
  • very ripe fruited and structured wines
  • Aged in new French oak

What are the two extreme styles in winemaking in Rioja? The majority sits in the middle.

  1. Traditional: long ageing in American oak, much concentration and extraction; dried fruit, mushroom, cured meats, vanilla and coconut
  2. common trend: focus on quality and grape characteristics; less extraction, French oak.

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