South of France - Roussillon - Growing environment and grape growing

5 important questions on South of France - Roussillon - Growing environment and grape growing

What is the climate of Roussillon?

  • Warm, windy Mediterranean
  • moderate rainfall (500-600mm/y)
  • high sunshine hours

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the climate of Roussillon?

  • Frequent winds and low rainfall
    • + reduction of fungal diseases
    • - reduction of yield
    • + raise of fruit concentration
  • Dry years > drought stress
    • - reduction of yield
  • High portion of certified organic grape growing, 15%

What are the most important Grape varieties in Roussillon for red wine? The majority of production is red, followed by rosé

  1. Grenache Noir
  2. Syrah
  3. Carignan
  4. Mourvèdre

What are the Grape varieties for white wine in Roussillon?

  1. Muscats: M.Blanc and M.of Alexandria (mainly for fortified wines)
  2. Macabeu (Viura in Spain)

How are vines trained in Roussillon?

  • Historically as bushvines - adapted to the climate, work by hand is expensive
  • Recent decades also trellises, but not much flat land available to use this system

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