North-East Italy - Veneto - Soave

3 important questions on North-East Italy - Veneto - Soave

Describe the topography of Soave and which influences it has on the style of wines.

  • Two distinct parts: Plain & foothills, near River Adige
  • Hillside: limestone and clay and/or volcanic rocks (basalt)
  • These are cool sites + altitude = slow ripening, giving high acidity and full flavour.

What is the historic grape variety of Veneto? Describe its characteristics.

  • Very productive
  • Has a thick skin; climate Soave is influenced by mist from the Po valley. Resistant to rot.
  • Late ripening (October)
  • Tradition: Pergola system, nowadays trellised
  • Sensitive to botrytis, winter cold.
  • Usually handpicked on the hillside sites
  • Machine harvested on the plain

Who are the main producers in Soave? What percentage is exported?

  • Cooperatives mainly; 50% by Cantina di Soave is largest
  • 80% exported; also Pinot Grigio, to Germany and UK.
  • Soave Consorzio: classification of single vineyards 'cru'

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