Argentina - The Growing Environment & Grape Growing

3 important questions on Argentina - The Growing Environment & Grape Growing

What is the latitude of Argentina?

  • This is low; 24-38S, 1500km from Salta to Rio Negro in the south.
  • Chile is 30-38S

How much vineyards ha does Argentina have? Describe the soils in Argentina?

  • 200.000ha under vine / 30% over 40 years old.
  • Soils are mostly alluvial as deposited by the rivers from the Andes:
    • Higher up: alluvial with larger stones and calcareous deposits, these poor soils are optimal for low yielding vines and high quality viticulture
    • middle areas: gravel sands and silts
    • Low: loamy-clay soils, richer in nutriens.
    • Calcareous soils in: Gualtallary and Paraje Altamira in Uco Valley. In Pedernal Valley in San Juan.

Viticulture is modernised in Argentina, by whom and how?

Nicolas Catena, on Malbec;
  • clonal selection
  • different soils
  • picking grapes at different ripeness
  • planting higher up on the mountains, and further south closer to the Atlantic Ocean.

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