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What is the latitude of South Africa's Western Cape. Which other wine areas are comparable?
  • C33-35°SH - close to the equator, ideal/minimum latitude of wine growing
  • Comparable to California and Israel in the Northern Hemisphere
What the lattitude for wine-making in South Africa?
33-35 degrees
When are the grapes harvested in SA?
What is dry farming, in which countries is this applied?
Viticulture where:
  • No irrigation is used
  • Drought resistant varietals are used
  • Moisture is conserved i.e. By soil type or water wells
  • a Granite soil as base which is good potential for dry farming. It has a higher water holding capacity

Countries where it is applied:
South Africa's Western Cape
  • Ward Durbanville
  • District Darling
  • District Swartland

  • Eden Valley
  • Heathcote, Central Victoria Zone
  • Sierra Foothills AVA
What are the characteristics of the three main soils of the Western Cape, South Africa.
Soils in general very acid: need heavy adjustments with lime for suitable pH. to give access to the nutrients and increase yield.
Soils very variable and complex.

  1. Table Mountain sandstone; sandy with low nutrient and water-retention properties, vineyards need careful attention to irrigation and fertilization
  2. Granite; on mountain foothill slopes and hilly areas; good water retention, potential for dry-farming
  3. Shale (shist/leisteen); good nutrient levels, good water-retention, potential for dry-farming.
Yields in South Africa vary, what are the causes?
  • Drought
  • Presence or absence of irrigation, vine spacing and the age of the vines
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