Chile - Principal Wine Regions - Southern

4 important questions on Chile - Principal Wine Regions - Southern

Southern Region in Chile

  • Coastal hills diminish
  • cooler and wetter
Bío Bío

Itata Valley in Southern Region, Chile

  • Traditionally cheap wines for blending
  • revival > climate change > vineyards purchased
  • newcomers: Ch - PN - M-CS
  • though dominated by old bush vines Muscat d'Alexandria and País
    • high-quality, distinctive

Bío Bío in Southern Region, Chile

  • >1000 mm rain
  • summer temp < 30C
  • some dry-farmed, old bush vines
  • also modern grape varieties PN CH SB R Gew

Malleco Valley in Southern Region, Chile

  • Most southerly
  • handful of producers
  • cool climate
    • early ripening varieties
      • CH SB PN
    • high acidity

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