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Study Cards on spain, grape, climate

Describe the climate and zones of Spain, what is the latitude?
  • 36-43N
  • Warm country on high plateau influenced by:
    • North west: Atlantic ocean - maritime climate and high rainfall
    • North/north east: sheltered from the Atlantic by mountains, more maritime with mediterranean influences
    • South and East, directly on Mediterranean sea, vineyards close to sea; moderate climate, warm summers, mild winters
    • Meseta 600-900m, central spain; continental hot days cool nights. Altitude moderates the heat
Spain has highest plantings but only 3rd in production, why?
  • Low density plantings; bush vines, due to climate this is favourable, reducing competition between the vines.
  • Low yields of the (old) bush vines
What are the main grape varieties of Spain?
  • White: Airén (most), Macabeo
  • Red: Tempranillo (most), Bobal, Garnacha, Monastrell
In which regions is Tempranillo in Spain famous? What are the characteristics?
  • Rioja, Ribeiro del Duero and Toro
  • characteristics:
    • High yields
    • blending capacity
    • early ripening, therefore good in warm climate
What are the national ageing legislations in Spain?
Minimum time in oak barrels of max 330L
For individual DOs this can differ.

  • Generic: no ageing requirements
  • Crianza:
    • Red: min 2 years, 6months in oak
    • White: min 18 months, 6 in oak
  • Reserva
    • Red: min 3 years, 12 in oak
    • White: min 24 months, 6 in oak
  • Gran Reserva
    • Red: min 5 years, 18 in oak
    • White: min 48 months, 6 in oak
What other terms can be used for wines in Spain, other than crianza, reserva and gran reserva?
  • Roble: reds matured in oak for unspecified duration
  • Joven: no or minimal oak ageing
What is typical of Spanish rosé?
  • Named Rosado
  • Deep in colour, fruity, longer skin contact
  • Often Garnacha
  • Stainless steel
What are the only two DOCa in Spain?

  • Must have been a DO for minimum of 10 years
  • Estate bottled
What does VP stand for in Spains wine law?
  • Vino de Pago - small number of single estates with high reputations.
  • Own grapes
  • Estate bottled and matured
What does the Consejo Regulator regulate in the denominations of Spain?
  • Max yields
  • grape varieties
  • vineyard practices: irrigation
  • winemaking; min ageing
  • Packaging
  • Bottling
Spains wine business is dominated by cooperatives. But some large estates also exist, name the largest.
  • J. Garcia Carrion
  • Felix Solis Avantis
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Miguel Torres
  • Bodegas Martin Codax
Exam question: With reference to climate, soil, grape variety(ies), viticulture and winemaking, discuss the WHITE wines of the following regions:

a) Rioja
b) Rueda
c) Rias Baixas
Too many candidates simply described the wines, sometimes very briefly or incorrectly, and said very little to explain how the factors listed in the question come into play. This is a common feature of this type of question
Name some DO's and their grape varieties of Galicia, Spain
  • Rías Baixas - Albarino
  • Valdeorras - Godello and Mencia
  • Ribeiro - Treixadura
In the past Garnacha was the most planted grape, nowadays which black variety is promoted and most planted? And which white?
  • Tempranillo
  • Chardonnay

A range of styles is made with both French and American oak.
What is the famous DOQ in Catalunya?
The local Cosejo Regulador of Priorat has set legislations regarding grape growing and winemaking. Which four classifications on the grape location are set?
  1. Vi de Vila; 12 sub-zones
  2. Vi de Paratge; single partake or site, lieu dit - 459 covering entire DOQ
  3. Vinya Classificada; Cru, single vineyard
  4. Gran Vine Classificada; Grand cru
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