Wine Regions - Coastal Region - District Swartland

3 important questions on Wine Regions - Coastal Region - District Swartland

District Swartland is part of the Coastal Region of the Western Cape of South Africa, describe its climate and grape growing environment.

  • Warm dry climate
  • Rainfall 500mm
  • Irrigation required
  • Use of old vines also - famous in this area
  • Lower yields
  • Low fertility soils
  • Diverse soils of granite and shale (Paardeberg)

Describe the two different sectors of wine business in the Swartland district, as part of the Coastal Region of South Africa. Name some producers of both sectors

  1. Older businesses: cooperatives producing inexpensive/mid-priced wines; Riebeek cellars, Perdeberg Wines.
  2. New talent re-inventing styles of wine:
    • Low yields
    • dry farming
    • often organic, biodynamic
    • old vines
    • ambient yeasts
    • maturation in oak
    • good to outstanding
    • premium-super premium priced
    • Producers:
      • Charles Back, the Spice Route
      • Eben Sadie
      • Chris and Andrea Mullineux

District Swartland produces premium blends, which are these? Which 'big six' varieties are used for these blends?

Western Cape white and red blends
  1. Chenin blanc
  2. Sauvignon blanc
  3. Chardonnay
  4. Cabernet Sauvignon
  5. Shiraz
  6. Pinotage

also: Cinsault, Mourvèdre, Marsanne, roussanne, semillon, grenache blanc, viognier

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