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What are the grape varieties for the Tokaj region. Mention 6 native grapes that are permitted in PDO Tokaji

Yellow Muscat (muscat blanc a petit grains)

Describe the Furmint grape variety as used in Tokaj.

  • Most planted white, 69%
  • Late ripening but retains high acidity, balanced with the sweetness
  • Quality dry to sweet, sparkling also
  • Versatile variety, thick-skinned but susceptible to botrytis
  • Dry ageworthy wines are aged in oak
  • Lemon, apple, pear. When aged: honey, nutty
  • Botrytis: dried apricot, honey, mango

Describe the Hárslevelü grape of Tokaj.

  • Second most planted, 18%
  • distinctive white peach and orange blossom
  • mainly supporting in blends for its distinctive perfume
  • as varietal both dry and sweet
  • Linden leaf

What is synonym for Sarga muskotály in Tokaj, which characteristics?

  • Muscat blanc à Petit Grains
  • 9% of plantings in Tokaj
  • Floral notes in blends, grapes
  • mainly dry and bit of sweet wines

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