Australia - South Australia - Barossa Zone

3 important questions on Australia - South Australia - Barossa Zone

Barossa Zone is split into two regions, which are they? What varieties are mostly planted?

  • Two regions are Barossa Valley and Eden Valley
  • Black varieties are 80% of all plantings
  • Shiraz most planted
  • Blending of Shiraz between the two regions:
    • Barossa Valley: warm, intensity and body, spicy and earthy character
    • Eden Valley: cooler, giving elegance and higher acidity. Very good for Riesling

What white grape variety is most planted in Eden Valley, Australia? What style is used and why?

  • Riesling is most planted, over 1/3.
  • Eden Valley has more rainfall than Barossa Valley, vineyards above 600m, the climate is cooler with altitude.
  • Dry style, high acidity, medium alcohol. Fermented in steel for primary aromas of citrus and floral.
  • Wines can age; layers of honey, nuttiness and toast.
  • Good to outstanding wines/mid- to premium priced.

What black grape variety is most planted in Eden Valley, Australia. What style in comparison to Barossa Valley?

  • Shiraz.
  • Higher acidity, more structured tannins, lower alcohol.
  • Between very ripe and peppery styles (as from cooler climates).

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