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Australia produces excellent and world's top Riesling wines. Which styles and from which regions?

  • Produced particularly in cooler regions:
  • Clare and Eden Valley, and increasingly
  • Great Southern, Canberra and Tasmania
  • Mostly bone dry with high acidity
  • Also sweet late-harvest styles
  • Flavours: apple to lemon, grapefruit and lime to peach
  • high in sugar and acidity, the style is dry.
  • Planted in most wine regions, best in cooler areas.
  • Minimal intervention winemaking approach is common.

What are the characteristics of Australian Riesling?

  • Aromatic,
  • Light bodied to medium bodied
  • High acid presence
  • Most common is the dry style
  • Can age
  • Flavours: Citrus, apple and honey
  • Low in alcohol (vs SB New Zealand)

What are the most famous Australian areas for Riesling?

  • Clare valley, most famous and best, altitude
  • Eden valley, signature slate, altitude (Barossa zone)
  • Canberra district
  • South western victoria
  • Great southern
  • Tasmania

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