Wine Regions - Coastal Region - District Franschhoek Valley

3 important questions on Wine Regions - Coastal Region - District Franschhoek Valley

Franschhoek valley district in South Africa is sheltered by mountains on 3 sides. What is the influence of this on the climate and styles of wine?

  • Shelter gives warmth
  • Cooler sites are used, up to 600m
  • Cooler climate and high diurnal range
  • irrigation required as the soils are fast draining.
  • fresh quality fruit is the result

Fruit from Franschhoek valley, South Africa, is prized for its freshness.
1) Which grape varieties are most grown?
2)Which old variety is also present?
3) What kind of style wines are produced?

  • 1) Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz are most grown
  • 2) Old vine Semillon (>100y)
  • 3) Producing:
    • Cap Classique sparkling
    • using the fruit as blending component for freshness

Name some significant producers and/or brands in Franschhoek valley district, South Africa

  • Boekenhoutskloof, brand Chocolate Block (brought in grapes)
  • Cape Chamonix

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