Introduction to France

3 important questions on Introduction to France

INAO in France, founded in 1935, oversees which regulations and tasks and/or commitments?

  1. It oversaw the creation of AOC – Appellation d’Orgine Contrôlee, and from 2009 IGP wines.

  • Geographically defined appellations, including detailed rules about methods of production:
    • Varieties allowed in an AOC
    • Planting density
    • Allowed training systems
    • Maximum Yields
    • Minimum alcohol levels
    • Required length of maturation of wine before release
    • Earliest date the wine can be sold
The system is based on the idea of terroir

Are coops important for French wineries?

Yes, for the smaller growers: over 40% is produced by coops

What are the largest French wine companies?

Castel (12%),  Carrefour France, ITM interprices

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