Greece - Principal Wine Regions - The Island

3 important questions on Greece - Principal Wine Regions - The Island

Name one of the most famous islands for high quality wines in Greece

Santorini in the Cyclades in the southern part of the Aegean Sea

Describe Santorini wine region, and the main grape variety

  • In the Aegean see, Cyclades group
  • Volcanic slopes; poor and little water
  • hot climate; vines struggle
  • vines in basket form/bird's nest to protect against strong wines and trapping the dew for water
  • very low yields
  • Tourist industry is a threat for wine business
  • Assyrtiko is main white grape for dry and sweet PDO wines
  • Vissanto / Vinsanto; sweet wine

Describe the dry and sweet wines of Santorini in Greece

  • PDO for white only
  • Assyrtiko is the grape variety
  • Dry: smoky, honey, toasty
  • Sweet: Vissanto
    • sun-dried late harvest grapes (7-15 days)
    • min 2 years ageing in oak (up to 15 yrs)
    • Oxidation encouraged (barrels not fully filled); raisins, coffee, chocolate
    • High sugar level 200-300g/L
    • High balanced acidity (backbone from Assyrtiko).

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