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Give a bit of history on Argentina as a wine country
  • Independence in 1816 from Spain
  • Started to attract immigrants; Italy, Spain and France - bringing wine techniques and vines.
  • 1851 viticultural school and Malbec before Phylloxera (brining immigrants also)
  • 20th century; political isolation, high domestic consumption 90L/pp
  • 1970s democracy and drop of domestic consumption
  • 1980s need for export - by Nicolás Cantena started plus foreign investments and famous wine consultants (Rolland, Hobbs, Antonini)
  • 2000s relatively cheap to export market - weak economy, hugh popularity Malbec
  • Nr 5 in world production; malbec, CS, red blends, Chardonnay
What are the main wine regions of Argentina?
  1. Northern regions: Salta, Jujuy, Catamarca, Tucuman
  2. GI Cuyo region, center: La Rioja, San Juan and Mendoza
  3. Patagonia, southern region: Neuquén, Rio Negro
Name some famous Argentinian producers.
  • Many vineyards are still family-owned. Some smaller growers produce their own wine but many sell grapes to large producers.
  • Amongst Argentina’s leading producers: e.g. Bodega Catena Zapata and Familia Zuccardi.
  • At the other end of the scale, FeCoViTa (a collective of 29 co-operatives) and
  • Grupo Peñaflor (which owns Trapiche and Finca Las Moras amongst others) are amongst the world’s highest-volume producers, and account for a significant proportion of Argentinian wine production.
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