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Location of Pays Nantais
  • This region takes its name from the city of Nantes
  • Situated close to the Atlanctic Ocean
What is the principal grape variety of Pays Nantais?
  • The principal grape variety is Melon  (Melon de Bourgogne or Muscadet)
  • Next to that Folle Blanche (Gros Plant) is also grown
Describe the expected style of wine made from Melon?
  • Melon makes a wine with high acidity a light body and low in alcohol.
  • The wines typically have low aromatic intensity intensity aromas of  greep apple, lemon, pear, seashell
  • Often wines are made sur lie
  • The wines are good to very good in quality and inexpensive to mid-priced
Winemaking Pays de Nantais
  • Chaptilization is permitted up to 12% abv
  • Fermentation vats large underground glass-lined concrete vats, stainless steel is also used 
  • To keep the wine as neutral as possible
  • No MLF to keep acidity in wine high
Decribe the technique of sur lie which is highly typical in Pays Nantais
  • Sur lie is a technique of filling out the body of what would otherwise be very light bodied wines.
  • After the alcoholic fermentation is completed one racking is allowed to remove the gross lees.
  • After this the wine remains in contact with the fine lees through the following winter and until botteling.
  • Ageing on the lees also retains freshness of the wine and may retain a small amount of carbon dioxide.
Where does InterLoire stand for and what does it do?
InterLoire stands for Interprofession des Vins du Val de Loire and it promotes wines together with those Ajou-Saumur and Touraine
Négociants continue to play an important role accounting for half of sales. Many smaller négociants have been bought up by larger companies which companies now account for a larger proportion of négociant sales?
  • Castel
  • Grand Chais de France
  • Ackerman
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