Greece - Principal Wine Regions - Peloponnese

3 important questions on Greece - Principal Wine Regions - Peloponnese

What  is the most important wine region of Greece? Describe it. What are the two main PDOs?

  • Peloponnese 30% of vineyard area total, peninsula in the south of Greece
    • Grape growing important for economy
    • Mountains
    • Temperatures moderated by altitude
    • Poor rocky soils
    • Devoted to white wines
    • Roditis most important grape
  • PDO Nemea and Mantinia
  • 3rd would be PDO Patras

Explain and describe PDO Nemea

  • Most important for Peloponnese
  • Only red wines "blood of hercules".
  • 100% Agiorgitiko; dry, semi sweet and sweet
  • New style: "nouveau" semi-carbonic maceration for fruit and low tannins
  • Wide style of wines; barriques increasingly used
  • Mediterranean climate
  • More approachable wines than Naoussa

Explain and describe PDO Mantinia

  • A plateau in the south of Peloponnese
  • One of the coolest grape-growing areas in Greece
  • Also long growing seasons
  • PDO for white wines only; Moschofilero 85%
  • High acidity, low alcohol mainly in rvs

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