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Beside clean white wines, Friuli produces also Orange Wines. In which part of Friuli is this centered and what is the production method of these wines?

Friuli, and especially the small Oslavia sub-region of Collio, like neighbouring Brda in Slovenia, is a centre for the production of orange wines.
  • These wines are made from long maceration (8 days up to 6–8 months) on the skins of white varieties
  • followed by long ageing (2–6 years) in large format oak barrels.

In Friuli, several pioneers of the Orange Wine production share a commitment to what viticulture, grape varieties and vilification techniques?

The pioneers of this movement, returning to old winemaking are Joško Gravner (who also introduced amphora), Stanko Radikon and Dario Prinčič.

They share a commitment to:
  • organic methods in the vineyard
  • the use of local varieties (especially the celebration of Ribolla Gialla), alongside international ones
  • long maceration on the skins
  • fermentation with ambient yeasts with no temperature control
  • long maturation in large format oak or other wood
  • no fining or filtration
  • Low or no added SO2.

Describe the style of the pioneering orange wines of Friuli.

  • amber, orange or gold in colour.
  • pronounced flavours, unlike white wines from the same varieties, of dried fruits, dried herbs, hay and nuts, and medium tannins.
  • premium priced

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