Jura - The Growing Environment and Grape Growing - Grape varieties

3 important questions on Jura - The Growing Environment and Grape Growing - Grape varieties

Chardonnay is the most planted variety in Jura, where is it used for?

Cremant de Jura

Savagnin is Jura's next most planted white variety, 20%. Which style of wines are produced, what are the characteristics?

  • Conventional white wines; high acidity, lemon and apple
  • Wine in oxidative style including Vin Jaune
  • Buds early, spring frost risk
  • Thick skinned, good resistance
  • Best on steep slopes with marl

What is the other black variety, beside Poulsard, in Jura? What are the characteristics?

  • Thick skins, giving it resistance to fungal diseases,
  • As a vigorous variety, it requires careful canopy management.
  • To ripen fully it needs a warm site (for example, warm gravels and by planting it on either the warm lower part of the slope or on well-exposed higher, steeper slopes).
  • The wines are pale ruby in colour and have low intensity red fruit (red cherry), low to medium tannins, medium to high acidity, low end of medium alcohol and a light to medium (–) body.
  • The wines are typically good to very good in quality and mid- to premium priced.

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