Veneto - Valpolicella - Wine law and regulations

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What do the DOC and DOCG wines of Valpolicella have in common?

A range of wines is produced within Valpolicella. The wines are all Corvina-dominant blends.

The DOCs and DOCGs listed below all have the following in common:
• Corvina and/or Corvinone must be 45–95 per cent of the blend.
• Rondinella: 5–30 per cent
• Other authorized varieties including Molinara.

Describe the wine style of Valpolicella DOC

  • Maximum yield is 84hl/ha, resulting in some wines of low flavour concentration.
  • typically made with a short maceration on the skins.
  • bright purple tints in youth and have red cherry and rose aromatics, no oak flavour,
  • low to medium tannins and medium to medium (+) acidity.
  • The wines are typically good quality, with some very good examples
  • inexpensive to mid-priced.

Describe the wine style of Valpolicella Classico DOC

  • The grapes must come from the hilly, defined, historic Classico zone.
  • Wines typically have greater concentration than the wines of the preceding DOC.
  • The wines are typically good to very good in quality and are inexpensive to mid- priced

What is DOC Valpolicella Valpantena?

Wine made from grapes grown in the Valpantena valley

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