Veneto - Valpolicella - Winemaking

3 important questions on Veneto - Valpolicella - Winemaking

What is the aim of winemaking in Valpolicella?

Create fresh, fruity easy drinking wines for early consumption.

How is the vinification of the easy drinking wines from Valpolicella?

  • Fermentation in stainless steel, temperature controlled for primary aromas; 20-25C
  • Maceration short 5-7 days, little tannins
  • Ageing in Stainless or large oak for 6-8 months

Different for Appassimento.

In Soave and Valpolicella, plus for Vin Santo in Tuscany, the Appassimento method is used. What wine style is the result and how is the vilification?

  • Wine style: Passito
  • Wine names: valpolicella, amarone, recioto
  • Grapes picked (11-11,5 potential abv) to reach semi-dry state before crushing; still contain acids, bunches are healthy
  • The grapes are stored for 3–4 months in well-aerated drying lofts on trays. To concentrating flavour, raising alcohol levels and making sweet (and today, dry) wines.
  • Dry in 1/3rd of their weight; higher sugar, potential abv, acidity, anthocyanin/colour, tannins and flavour concentration.
  • More glycerol -> softer mouthfeel

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