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Study Cards on yields, pendelbogen, vineyard

Germany has aprox. 103.000ha of vineyards, nr 7th in the world. Yields vary year by year. What are the average yields by type of wine? Despite climate change, how is this achieved?
  • Deutscher Wein and Landwein - 150hl/ha
  • Qualitätswein - 105 hl/ha
  • VDP wines much lower

Achieved by:
  • Advances in vineyard management techniques led by research institutes (Geissenheim, Julius Kühn Pfalz).
    • Better clonal selection
    • Summer pruning
    • Green harvesting
    • Irrigation since 2003 allowed
    • Selective hand harvesting
    • Good canopy management: sun exposure, improved air circulation
    • Result of Flurbereinigung; single/double replacement cane with VSP trellising and Pendelbogen instead of individually staked.
What does Pendelbogen mean in a German vineyard?
Pendelbogen is replacement-cane pruning with the canes arched in the trellis. The arching of the canes is thought to improve the flow of sap in the vine and increase the number of viable buds, in turn increasing yields.
Various factors contribute to the price, style and quality of German wines. Name a few.
  • Viticulture mainly depends on location of sites:
    • Steep slopes: high cost of cultivation w mechanisation limited due to the small avg holding (~2.1ha) & steepness of the slopes (esp. Mosel); lo yields for higher quality (best sites)
    • Valley bottoms & plains: wire trained, rows up to 3m apart to allow mechanisation; hi yields

  • Harvest date announced by local trade organisation. Viticulturists can choose to leave grapes longer on vine to achieve higher potential alcohol i.e. Pradikatswein.
  • Growers are paid based on weight, sugar level and grape variety
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