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Study Cards on yields, ripening, climate

What is the climate in Burgundy
  • Moderate continental
  • from north (Dijon) to south (Macon) slightly warmer and dryer
  • cold winters, warm but short summers
    • CH and PN early ripening > suitable
  • Morvan hills to the west provide protection from rainfall
  • average rainfall 700 mm/y
  • early autumn typically dry
Which factors influence the potential quality of individual sites in Burgundy?
  • Aspect
  • Elevation (degree of slope)
  • Altitude (200-400m)
  • Soils
What are threats in the climate of Burgundy
  • Frost
    • especially in spring > PN and CH are early budding> reduce of yields if occurs after budburst
  • Hail
    • in spring: reducing yields/total loss
    • later in year: fruit damage, grey rot
  • Rain
    • early in year: disruption of flowering and fruit set, lowering yields, uneven ripening.
    • during growing season: too much rainfall > fungal diseases
    • at harvest > dilution and increase chance of rot
  • Drought-stress
    • irrigation not allowed
    • berries shrivel/vines shut down
    • slopes with more clay cope better with this
What can be done agains problems with hail in Burgundy
  • Limited use of anti-hail netting allowed since June 2018
  • seeding clouds with silver iodide to cause rain/hail further away from the vineyards
  • use of sorting tables
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