New York State - Wine Law and Wine Business

3 important questions on New York State - Wine Law and Wine Business

Labelling wines New York State

  • AVA mentioned > 85% of the grapes from that AVA
  • vintage mentioned > 95% of the grapes from that vintage
  • grape variety mentioned > 75% must be of that variety

How many wineries across New York State

Total just over 400 wineries
  • 130 in Finger Lakes AVA
  • 70 in Long Island AVA
  • 60 in Hudson River AVA

What changed the wine industry in New York State

The New York Farm Winery Act in 1976
  • allowed farmers to sell directly to consumers
  • before that just large scale producers
  • after that many new smaller wineries established
    • French hybrids and V.Vinifera
    • rais in quality
    • cellar door 

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