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Summary Data Management

- Datamanagement
- d
- 2016 - 2017
- Wageningen University
- Geografpical information science
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A snapshot of the summary - Data Management

  • 1 hst 1 data management

  • Een goed werkend data management systeem en organizational data is ... (6) :
  • Grote tekortkomingen bij beheren van data management systeem (6):
    poor data control
    poor interfaces
    long lead times for query resolution
    inability to supply answers for questions posed by managers
    poor data integration.
  • Knowledge Management information system(MIS):
    Convert data from a TPS into information for planning, controlling and managing an organization
  • Metamemory Online analytical processing(OLAP):
    Present a multidimensial, logical view of data
  • Executive information system(EIS)
    Provide senior management with information necessary to minitor organizational performance and develop and implement strategies
  • Problems with organizational data management systems: Poor interface
    Data are difficult to access
  • Problems with organizational data management systems: delays
    There are frequently delays following requests for reports
  • Problems with organizational data management systems: Lack of reality
    Data management systems do not reflect the complexity of the real world
  • Problems with organizational data management systems: Lack of data integration
    Data are dispersed across different systems
  • 2 hst 2 data management

  • skills values bezitten vs leren
    Self-motivated creativity
    system understanding and trained intuition
    advanced skills
    cognitive knowledge   

    het bezitten van skills values van boven naar beneden zijn het belangrijkst omdat van beneden naar boven steeds minder aangeleerd kan worden. (je moet het echt bezitten/inzien)

    skills simple:
    Care why
    know why
    know how
    know what
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