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Summary Development And Mental Health 2

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A snapshot of the summary - Development and Mental Health 2

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  • What is viewed as abnormal if there are symptoms of a mental illness?
    Behaviors, thoughts and feelings
  • Why are mental disorders not viewed as singular diseases?
    They are viewed as collections of problems in thinking or cognition in emotional response or regulation and in social behavior
  • What is cultural relativism?
    The view that there are no universal standards or rules for labeling a behavior abnormal: instead, behaviors can be labeled abnormal only relative to cultural norms.
  • By which four dimensions is abnormality influenced?
  • When are behavior thoughts and feelings dysfunctional?
    When they interfere with one's ability to function in daily life.
  • Which three types of theories are used to explain abnormal behavior?
    - biological theories: viewed abnormal behavior as similair to physical diseases
    - supernatural theories: bahavior blamed on divine intervention, curses , demonic possesion and personal sin
    - psychological theories: abnormal behavior result of traumas or chronic stress.
  • What is the historic perspective on abnormality? (ancient theories)
    - driving away evil spirits: exorcism and trephination (drilled holes in the skull of person to allow spirits to depart)
    - ancient china yin and yang > have to be in balance. Imbalance > insanity
    - ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome: Affliction from the gods. > relaxation and change of climate
  • From which century on did Europe took responsibility for housing people who were mentally ill?
    12de eeuw
  • Where was the mental hygiene movement based on?
    On the psychological view that people developed problems because they had become seperated from nature and had succumbed to the stresses imposed by rapid social changes of the period > rest and relaxation
  • What did the french physician Philippe Pinel believe?
    Leader of the movement for moral treatment
    - believed that abnormality could be cured by restoring dignity and tranquility
    - exercise self control, treating them with respect

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