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Summary digestive system

- Biology
- Anne
- 2015 - 2016
- Metameer - Stevensbeekseweg (Stevensbeek)
- Klas 3 VWO TTO
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A snapshot of the summary - digestive system

  • 1 Food and nutrients

  • What are plant-derived foods?
    roots, stems, leaves, fruit and seeds of certain plants
  • Give examples of direct products they provide?
    Meat is an example of a direct product taken from an animal often bred for this purpose.
  • What can you do with a tally chart?
    write down everything you drink and eat on ordinary school day
  • 1.1 nutrients

  • Why does our body need these nutrients?
    in order to perform properly
  • What are the different functions for nutrients in our body?
      – Building blocks: for forming cells and tissues (especially for growth, development and repair of the body).
    – Fuels: provide energy for moving, maintaining body temperature and for growth, development and repair.
    – For storage: are stored in certain parts of the body.
    – For protection: keep you healthy.
  • Which six types of nutrients does food consist of?
    proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, minerals (salts), and vitamins.
  • Does food from animals usually contains small or large amounts of carbohydrates?
  • Where do fats serve for?
    as fuel in our body, but may also be used for growth and for storage
  • How many percent of your body weight does water make up?
  • What are the functions of water?
    lays important role in transporting substances through your body, most substances can only be transported when dissolved in water
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