Summary: Digital Business And E-Commerce Management | 9780273786573 | Dave Chaffey

Summary: Digital Business And E-Commerce Management | 9780273786573 | Dave Chaffey Book cover image
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Read the summary and the most important questions on Digital Business and E-Commerce Management | 9780273786573 | Dave Chaffey

  • 1 Introduction to digital business and e-commerce

  • What are disruptive digital technologies?

    Technologies which offer opportunities for business for new products and services for customers and can transform internal business processes
  • 1.1 The impact of electronic communications on traditional business

  • What is digital business transformation?

    Significant changes to organizational processes structures and system implemented to improve organizational performance by increasing digital media and technology platforms. 
  • What is inbound marketing?

    The consumer is proactive in actively seeking out information for their needs, and interactions with brands are attracted through content, search and social media marketing. (PULL MECHANISM)
  • What is a + and - of inbound marketing?

    + recuces advertising waste (search marketing, content marketing and social media marketing can be used to target prospects with a defined need)
    - Marketeres have less control.
  • What is social media marketing?

    Monitoring and facilitating customer-customer interaction and participation throughout the web to encourage positive engagement with a company.
  • What are the six categories of social presence by Weinberg?

    1. Social networking (listening and sharing engaging content)
    2. Social knowledge (informational social network Yahoo/ Wikipedia)
    3. Social sharing (understanding most engaging content within a cat. E.g. Delicious)
    4. Social news (Twitter)
    5. Social streaming (streaming media)
    6. Company user-generated content and community (the company's owned social space which may be integrated into product content, customer support community or blog
  • What is mobile commerce?

    Electronic transactions and communications conducted using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and typically with a wireless connection
  • Why is mobile commerce growing?

    - location based
    - popularity of mobile apps
  • 1.2 What is the difference between digital business and e-commerce

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  • What are different perspectives for e-commerce according to Whinston?

    1. Communication perspective - delivery of information/ product/ services/ payments by electronic means. 
    2. Business process perspective -application of technology for automation of transaction and workflows
    3. Service perspective - cost cutting and increasing speeds and quality fo service delivery.
    4. Online perspective - buying and selling of products and information.
  • Explain buy and sell side of e-commerce

    Buy side: e-commerce transactions between a purchaing organizations and its suppliers (inkoop)
    Sell side: e-commerce transactions between a supplier organization and its customers (verkoop)

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