Summary Doing Research The Hows and Whys of Applied Research Book cover image

Summary Doing Research The Hows and Whys of Applied Research

- Pieternella Susanna Verhoeven
ISBN-10 9024424755 ISBN-13 9789024424757
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A snapshot of the summary - Doing Research The Hows and Whys of Applied Research Author: Pieternella Susanna Verhoeven ISBN: 9789024424757

  • 1 Why do you do research?

  • What does actually entail when you design a research product
    All activities that lead to demarcating the research topic i.e.  formulating the central question and objective and any sub-questions that there may be.
  • What is working according to a phased plan called?
    Systematic approach
  • 1.1 Research approaches

  • Practical considerations of research
    1. Draft a research plan
    2. You define the central question
    3. Check whether anyone else has researched the problem and what their conclusion was 
    4. Set a deadline 
    5. Draw up budget to see what is necessary and available 
    6. You consult your supervisor, client and co-researchers 
  • 1.1.1 Fundamental or applied research?

  • What is the main difference between fundamental and applied research?
    The type of problem to be solved

    (it can be both fundamental and applied if the theoretical question that is answered turns out to be a good solution for a practical problem)
  • 1.1.2 Theoretical or practical questions?

  • What is a practical question
    A question that normally raises in daily life, from society. The answer provides tools that can be used to solve practical problems
  • 1.1.3 Qualitative or quantitative

  • What is another distinguishing factor between qualitative an quantitative research?
    The choice depends on the central question of the research. That question decides whether you will opt for qualitative or quantitative research
  • What are statistical techniques and what are they used for
    Tools used in quantitative methods

    To process the attributes and to test assumptions about the results 
  • Difference between qualitative and quantitative research?
    The way in which you conduct the research but also the way you look at the research. 

    The emphasis in qualitative research is on the meaning that the respondents give to a situation based on their own background -- collecting a lot of information about a few people

    In quantitative research the emphasis is in making phenomena measurable and on generalization e.e objectively measuring characteristic and drawing a valid, general conclusion -- less about information but about a large group of people instead
  • What is a special kind of triangulation
    Mixed method approach
  • How is do you apply the mixed method approach
    You choose a combination of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to answer your question. 
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